Stranded From Another Planet

THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR is a sci-fi survival game developed by Invictus Studio. The survival game involves struggling to live on a foreign planet.

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  • Survive in an alien planet
  • Multiplayer mode
  • High quality graphics
  • Tons of materials, recipes and game modes


  • Looks similar to No Man’s Sky
  • Single color palette per planet
  • Some game assets do not go together with the game’s theme
  • No game controller support

Not bad

THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR is a sci-fi survival game developed by Invictus Studio. The survival game involves struggling to live on a foreign planet.

Taking Inspiration From Other Titles

Invictus Studio is a fledgling game company that seems to take queue with what’s currently trending. Their other game, Angry Neighbor, is an obvious homage to the popular stealth horror game Hello Neighbor. THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR takes a typical trope for a survival game. The game begins on a rough crash landing where the player’s spaceship is broken and they are stuck on a foreign planet. They have to live on the new planet by surviving, gathering materials and developing modern technologies. Players are free to do anything on their environment and find precious materials. Some of the materials available for gathering are ores, plants, alien materials, and random mechanisms. They can roam across the planet freely. The game has a day and night cycle, as well as things to find as players stay for several hours. Everything around players is usable materials. Materials are important for crafting tools, building shelter and creating different types of machinery. Players can employ the help of driller to get ores, establish farms and build machinery for promoting plasma.

Mobile Space Survival

This survival game boasts its graphics since its display high-quality graphics with new shaders, textures and even destruction. The only downside of is that some game assets mismatch with the game’s overall theme. For example, an automobile found in cities does not fit in an alien environment. Another thing noticeable is that some game assets look too bland, ranging from generic materials to the building blocks. Everything displayed in the survival game is optimized for every mobile device. The controls for the game is also made convenient by having a minimalist control with an intuitive game interface. The survival game has a multiplayer mode included. There are 5 planets of varying colors with different species living and ready for exploration. Each planet has an approximate size of 2 km so that it can accommodate not only the aliens but also the players. There are also different game modes available to try. Creative mode allows free building with unlimited materials. Sandbox mode is the free roaming mode. More game modes will be available.

Cathartic Space Exploration

THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR can fill the void of finding new planets with other players. The one thing that makes this game enticing to play is the high-quality graphics. It has a simple premise and a clear objective that can be completed casually.

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